Seyi Akindeinde


With over two decades of expertise in the technology and information security sectors, I have recently dedicated a significant portion of my professional journey to understanding and addressing the security challenges within Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Financial Transaction Systems (FTS).

I have had the privilege to share the findings of my comprehensive research work at an array of esteemed conferences and with prestigious organisations such as the NSA, CBN, ISSAN, CCIBN, CIBN, EFCC, NSE, EPPAN, and the executive councils and senior management of numerous financial institutions across Nigeria. I also honourably serve as an advisor to the Nigerian eFraud Forum (NeFF), a broad-based initiative by the CBN.

Beyond my advisory role, my expertise has been sought by entities from various sectors including finance, manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunications, as well as State and Federal Government Agencies. I have regularly provided enlightening presentations on current cyber security issues to the National Assembly, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA).

Recently, I have immersed myself in the realm of web3 and blockchain technology, concentrating on harnessing these innovative systems to enhance enterprise security. My particular focus
lies in applying these technologies to advance web and product authentication, identity and access management as well as web and IRL token gating using smart contracts.

I have a strong passion for establishing and developing tech startups. I’m especially excited about two ventures in which I’m involved. The first, Hyperspace Technologies, known for its groundbreaking product, cipherKEY tap2signTM.

Our innovative patented product cipherKEY tap2signTM with registered patent number NG/P/2023/240 and trademark file number NG/TM/O/2023/110226, harnesses NFC microchip technology
to offer a passwordless, contactless, and trustless multi-factor authentication, identity and access management for web based applications. The technology also used in our Keymaster VAULT product, offers a low cost and secure, cold storage for digital assets.

The second startup, Neural AI, provides essential support to organizations intending to build and deploy Large Language Models (LLMs) for generative text. We also offer training of deep learning models for use in different industry verticals for use in image, voice and video classification and computer vision projects, leveraging our patent-pending AI model training innovation, LLuMU together with our AI software stack BioNic & LiNeR