PrivCon Nigeria 2024

A Round Table Discussion of Privacy Professionals and Stakeholders in Nigeria


Provide a platform for conversations on the growth and development of privacy practices in Nigeria.


Facilitate networking of professionals and industry stakeholders.


Connect stakeholders across the various departments and practice areas of privacy and data protection.


Promote privacy and data protection law and practice in Nigeria

Welcome to the PrivCon 2024: Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Privacy and Data Protection

In an increasingly data-driven world, the need for robust privacy and data protection practices has never been greater. From navigating complex regulatory landscapes to implementing innovative solutions, privacy professionals face unparalleled challenges and opportunities.

PrivCon 2024 brings together leading practitioners, thought leaders, and changemakers to share knowledge, forge connections, and shape the future of data privacy.

What to Expect

Cutting-edge insights

Gain in-depth understanding of the latest legal developments, technological advancements, and best practices in data privacy.

Practical guidance

Explore real-world case studies, learn from industry experts, and discover innovative solutions to overcome privacy challenges.

Interactive sessions

Engage in dynamic discussions, panel sessions, and workshops to share experiences, ask questions, and network with your peers.

Networking opportunities

Connect with fellow privacy professionals, build valuable relationships, and expand your professional network.

Future-focused discussions

Explore emerging trends, anticipate future challenges, and collaborate on shaping the responsible use of data in our evolving digital landscape.


Topical issues to be discussed are: