Sarah Kitchener

Compliance Operations Officer for the EMEA (EU/UK) region

Sarah Kitchener, a Nigerian-British Privacy and Compliance Operations Officer for the EMEA (EU/UK) region, holds certifications from Harvard Business School in Data Protection and Technology, along with Prince2 and Managing Successful Programs (MSP).

With extensive experience in both public and private sectors, Sarah oversees the development and implementation of data protection and compliance strategies. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations from Middlesex University and is certified as a GDPR Practitioner and European Information Privacy Professional.

Sarah’s expertise in Program Governance covers project development life cycles, PPM methodologies, and various aspects of data privacy management. Her skills include implementing privacy polices, data breach management, vendor risk management, privacy assessments, training, advice and more.

Passionate about data protection, Sarah navigates regulatory landscapes adeptly, successfully implementing GDPR compliance initiatives and managing mergers and acquisitions. She is committed to promoting privacy awareness and upholding the highest standards of data protection and compliance. Her commitment to this cause underscores her role as a leader in the field.