Moyosore Jide-Taiwo

Management Team, Regulatory Compliance & Data Protection

Moyosore Jide-Taiwo is a results-driven professional with a proven track record in Data Analysis, Data Protection, Regulatory Compliance, System Audits, and Customer Service. Known for her influential leadership style and commitment to success, Moyosore approaches challenges with perseverance and confidence, consistently driving positive change within her organization.

Currently serving as the Data Protection Officer for Airtel Networks Limited, a multinational organization with a significant presence across fourteen African countries and millions of customers, Moyosore has implemented a strategic Data Privacy Framework to ensure the protection of personal information in compliance with regulatory requirements. With over 8 years of experience as a certified Data Protection Officer, Moyosore has maintained satisfactory ratings in annual data protection audits and compliance assessments, demonstrating her organization’s adherence to legal standards.

Prior to her current role, Moyosore held the position of Lead for Customer Process and System Audit at Airtel Nigeria, where she successfully led process audits for customer experience management. Her collaboration with external auditors and cross-functional teams resulted in significant improvements, including a 45% decrease in customer complaints and a 100% increase in customer satisfaction. Moyosore’s expertise also contributed to a 20% reduction in fraudulent requests and enhanced data protection measures for Airtel customers.

Moyosore’s leadership style fosters teamwork, innovation, and customer trust. Her ability to navigate complex programs and challenging situations is attributed to her analytical mindset and structured approach. Empathetic and trustworthy, Moyosore builds strong relationships with team members and stakeholders, driving collaboration and achieving business objectives.

As a transformational leader, Moyosore excels in communicating with senior management, resolving issues, setting priorities, and driving change across organizational functions. Her forward-thinking approach and rational decision-making contribute to her success in leading teams and delivering results in dynamic environments