Kingsley Owadara

AI Ethicist at the Pan-Africa Center for AI Ethics

Kingsley Owadara is an AI Ethicist at the Pan-Africa Center for AI Ethics, a dedicated not-for-profit organization committed to fostering the development and deployment of AI in a manner that prioritizes human-centric values. At the heart of his role, he spearheads the initiative to craft and refine ethical frameworks, ensuring that artificial intelligence technologies are developed and deployed with a strong emphasis on human values, ethics, and inclusivity.

In the year 2023, Kingsley assumed a pivotal leadership role within the Ethics Cluster of the Volunteer Expert Group (VEG), tasked with the monumental project of developing Nigeria’s National Artificial Intelligence Policy. This endeavor aimed at integrating ethical considerations into the foundation of Nigeria’s AI policy, marking a significant step towards responsible AI development in the country.

Beyond his contributions to policy development, Kingsley has been an active voice in the AI ethics community, engaging in numerous projects, dialogues, and advocacy efforts. His work focuses on promoting a human-centered approach to AI across its lifecycle—from design and training to deployment and practical application—specifically within the African context. His expertise and insights have not only enriched national conversations but have also drawn international attention.

Kingsley’s influence extends across continents through his participation in global conferences. He has been a featured speaker at prestigious events such as the 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney, Australia, where he addressed critical issues related to AI and workplace safety. At the Sustainability AI Lab in Bonn, Germany, he presented compelling arguments for leveraging AI in sustainable development initiatives within Africa.

His engagements across Africa, Europe, and Australia highlight his dedication to fostering a global dialogue on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. Kingsley Owadara’s work not only amplifies the importance of ethical considerations in AI but also serves as a beacon for responsible AI development that truly benefits humanity.”