Kemi Omotubora

Senior lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Lagos

Adekemi Omotubora is a senior lecturer at the faculty of Law, University of Lagos where she teaches law and technology, E-commerce law, intellectual property law and law of banking. She holds a PhD (in cybersecurity law) from the University of Leeds, UK, and Master of Law (LLM) in cyberlaw from the same University. Her research and writing focus on the intersections of law and technology with specializations in data protection, cybersecurity and identity management, the regulation of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies and gender aspects of digital technologies. She is currently co-project lead at the Hub for Responsible Artificial Intelligence for Education Innovation and Research Network in Africa (EDUAI Hub), and co-founder and coordinator of the Community Initiative for Digital Inclusion (CoIfDI). She is an advocate for human rights in business and social and digital inclusion, is widely published and often invited to speak at international conferences, workshops, and seminars.