Joshua Oke

Fullstack Developer

As a Fullstack Developer, I bring a strong foundation in frontend and backend technologies, providing a distinctive viewpoint at the convergence of technology and privacy. Over five years in software development and intelligent automation, I’ve actively participated in diverse projects spanning various domains, sectors, and fields. My professional journey underscores a steadfast commitment to staying informed about emerging trends and adapting to the dynamic demands of our digital landscape.

Proficient in various programming languages and frameworks, my expertise covers frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.js, alongside backend development using Node.js. Additionally, I possess a solid understanding of DevOps for effectively managing applications on Linux servers. Moreover, I have practical experience in intelligent automation, employing tools like UiPath and ProcessMaker. My comprehensive grasp of security management on web servers enhances the resilience of applications in the ever-evolving digital environment.

I serve as the Junior Developer at Paradigm Initiative, actively contributing to our mission of connecting African youth with digital opportunities and ensuring digital rights for all.