Babatunde Fatai

Senior Metaverse Engineer, MTN Nigeria

Babatunde Fatai is a Senior Extended Reality (XR) and Metaverse Engineer at MTN Nigeria. He has extensive experience in leading XR & Metaverse teams and working with clients to implement scalable and innovative solutions using immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Previously, he worked at PwC Experience Centre Nigeria, where he collaborated with multinationals, government officials, and industry leaders to help them understand and implement these technologies.

In addition to his work, Babatunde hosts the XRAtlas Podcast, where he engages with pioneers, leaders, brands, and creatives in the XR, AI, and Metaverse space to discuss pressing issues and explore interesting ideas. He is the founder of LeadXR, an African XR community that promotes the adoption of XR technologies across the continent. With a focus on technology and youth development in Africa and globally, he has a track record of leading diverse teams toward achieving technological and social goals. He is passionate about working on impact-oriented projects and is an avid learner, space lover, and philosopher.